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The Center for Creative Learning is a poorly-defined amorphous entity having as its only concrete facet this here Web Site. We publish pages for non-profits, artists, activists, and other social threats. Here's what's hopping...

Current Projects


Greenaction works in the struggle for health and environmental justice for all. They are taking action and winning victories, including shutting down incinerators and toxic factories in Oakland, stopping plans to put a nuclear waste dump at Ward Valley.
Bill Snelling, 1937-2000

In Loving Memory


Bill Snelling
Lowbagger is the site where the community can come together in cyberspace to share information about one another’s issues, laugh together, and ramble at length about the quirks of life. Essentially, we’re a fourth-dimensional cocktail party. A Lowbagger cocktail party, that is. is named as a tribute to to the overworked and underpaid activist. A tribute to the backcountry ski bum. A tribute to the underdog. These Lowbaggers come in different sizes, genders, colors, ages, occupations, and political parties. There’s a little Lowbagger in everyone.

Mercury Policy Project

The Mercury Policy Project was formed in 1998 to raise awareness about the threat of mercury contamination. They promote policies to eliminate mercury uses and significantly reduce mercury exposures.

South Providence Neighborhood Ministries
South Providence Neighborhood Ministries is an ecumenical, multi-service neighborhood center. Their mission is to meet essential needs, enhance the quality of life for children and adults, encourage self-worth and self sufficiency and foster community pride in a neighborhood of diverse ethnic, racial and social backgrounds.

In 1992, Kent Fielding and Ron Whitehead, two Kentucky poets, presented the first Insomniacathon, a 72 hour marathon of literature, music, film and theater. It was conceived as a festival to substantiate the arts and it's vital role in the education and enlightenment of all peoples, of all kinds from around the world and to cultivate a "Global Literary Renaissance".

Clowns Without Borders Clowns Without Borders sends performances to refugee camps and zones of conflict. They bring the circus to town, providing a chance for communities to celebrate together and forget for a moment the tensions that darken their daily lives. They also offer workshops to teachers and children to encourage celebration long after they are gone.
Three Sisters Belly Dancers The Three Sisters Belly Dancers, Allegra, April and Celeste, enjoying performing at all kinds of events. In addition, they offer classes and individual lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out their site for belly dancing history, galleries, and their calendar!
Horsefriends Large Animal Rescue
Horsefriends residentsHorsefriends Large Animal Rescue works to rescue and rehabilitate horses, donkeys and mules. They focus their efforts on animals that are suffering from neglect or abuse, in the hope that they can be placed in new homes.
The First Baptist Church in Wickford, Rhode Island

The First Baptist Church in Wickford, Rhode Island is a seaside community of Christians located in an historic fishing village across Narragansett Bay from Newport.

They welcome you to learn about them on their website, but they especially welcome you to join them in person at one of their worship services. You will find a friendly and enthusiastic group who are growing together in God's Grace.

Longwire's Shack

Longwire's Shack is a rich resource for activists wanting to learn about tactical communications, including basic radio skills, cell phones, scanners, organizing com teams, and scouting.

Check out the training manual, newsletters and photos!

Lynn Stone Jewelry

Lynn Stone Jewelry creates unique wearable art made in Maine from seaglass and beachstones. Sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stones add to the one-of-a-kind jewelry.

All proceeds go to smashing corporate hegemony.


For 20 years Magick has experienced the amazing wisdom of the Tarot and is excited to share her knowledge with you! She offers readings for individuals, couples, and groups, as well as classes and workshops to connect you with this archetypal map of life.

Black Sun
Melding shredding guitars, vicious vocals and thundering rhythms, Black Sun hereby announces their arrival and intention to alter the landscape of Bay Area hard rock, bridging "Old School" Metal and newer styles. Meet the Band!

Romp is a San Francisco band. Take a gander at their beautiful mugs--not a model in the bunch!

Check out upcoming and past shows, find out about the new CD, and download MP3's and show posters by bass player Bill's BassBill Graphics.

Warviewing handbook
Heard of Wardriving? Well then check out the Warviewing handbook...

Commonwealth has opened in Park Slope, Brooklyn, featuring booze, cheese, and a jukebox .

Check it out on Fifth Ave. at 12th St.!

California Communities Against Toxics
California Communities Against Toxics (CCAT) advocates for environmental justice, pollution prevention, and world peace.

Past Preoccupations



San Francisco's premiere spit-n-grizzle rockers had a sound all their own at the height of the roaring 90's. Check out band member profiles, gig reports, and the Multimedia Gallery!


Panhandle was to music as New Orleans is to eating: a hot, blackened and spicy experience you won't find anywhere else. A first person gig report was started and finished at the bar, during and after Panhandle's set, and almost every patron contributed at least one phrase or image.



They called themselves Garage Gypsies. Expose yerself to UNSAFEty and see what the risk was all about...


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